Leather Jackets Hub is a house of quality jackets made with high-end leather obtained from finest resources and processed with care. Our jackets are designed competently and stitched with proficiency to ensure sophisticated end products. We are not retailers or suppliers instead we are creators and designers. Our every product is unique with its distinctive characteristics. Our motto is to mark our brand as trend-setter instead of growing it as trend-follower.

We give prime importance to our customers, and make sure that they will not only get high-quality Leather Jackets but Leather Jackets that will make them feel comfortable and placid. To attain the standard of our valued customers, we have hired more than 65 tailors who know the latest fashion trends and able to cognize really well in short time.

The most distinctive feature of our company is that there is no middle-man between customer and costumier, contrary to other online clothing brands. Our customer can directly deal and guide our hired tailors about the design and stuff they require. Unlike mass production unit, our company gives individual attention to every single order.

The Leather Jackets Hub is not a traditional jacket store with rigid size charts to follow. It provides you with the opportunity to choose your favorite style without worrying about its dimensions as all orders at the Leather Jackets Hub are custom-made and are tailored according to personal preferences. The Leather Jackets Hub is a customer oriented place where customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Premium Quality Leather Jackets

  • Finest Raw Materials

    Everything begins with the unrefined substances and since we convey our life in our coats, we utilize nothing however simply the most ideal materials. Every one of our coats are made with full grain normal calfskin, YKK Zippers, and polyester lining.

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship

    Our items are hand tailored, each in turn by one skilled worker with accuracy and tender loving care, in contrast to the mass chain creation. Not settling on chain creation implies greater expense yet a superior quality that you will see in our sewing.

  • Fair Evaluating - Direct to You

    With our direct-to-customer approach, our items come at ¼ the cost of what extravagance brands would sell them for. We keep our costs lower by removing mediators, customer facing facade costs and wasteful promoting spent. Moreover, with in the nick of time creation.

  • Sizes that fit all

    Inclusivity is a popular expression however we view it very in a serious way. We genuinely realize there is a jolting thing about wearing an incredible calfskin coat, we guarantee nobody passes up this. Every one of our coats are presented in eight standard sizes from XS to 4XL.

  • Disclosure and Articulation

    As no two people are similar, we have faith in variety and articulation. Our clients can make 100 percent custom, tailor made coats without any preparation with the assistance of our plan advisors. In this way, cultivating variety and empowering our clients to completely put themselves out there and be separated from the rest.